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I had a chance to do an email interview (Q and A) with Holly Rigsby, a Certified Personal Trainer and developer of the "Fit Yummy Mummy" Workout Program! She is an amazing person and had TONS of great advice. Check out the interview below:

    Holly Rigsby
  1. What struggles of your own had a play in your decision to help other mothers with crazy, hectic schedules?

Without a doubt, a lack of time. It is far too easy to stay super busy and then create a number of excuses about why you do not have time to stop and take care of yourself, whether it be 5 minutes of quite time, eating breakfast or a 15 minute workout. In the process of self-improvement, reflection is a must. Taking inventory of how your day is spent is a REAL eye opener. I, along with a number of my busy mom clients, was surprised to see just how much of my time was wasted on….1. things I have no control over and 2. things that did NOTHING to help me move forward in order to reach my goals.

In turn, the next step was to practice saying “No”. What a difficult challenge this can be to a woman who gives of herself day in and day out to make sure everyone around her is happy and content. When in fact, it is at the expense of her own happiness and contentment.

  1. Most women's biggest problem area after having a baby is their stomach. How does your product help them to trim and tone their abs and achieve those "desirable" abs?

Unfortunately, there is no “one” secret strategy to make that nagging trouble spot disappear and reveal a toned, flat belly. The post-baby belly area is simply a result of excess body fat. The only way to get rid of excess body fat is to boost your metabolism so your body is burning more fat and calories. The first step comes with this understanding this concept. Then add supportive nutrition an effective short burst exercise plan.

By filling your body with supportive foods every 3 to 4 hours, you boost your metabolism. Your body just will not release fat if you are consuming foods that make it store fat. You then double the results and begin to shape your body by adding short resistance training. Yes, resistance training is a MUST – it increases your lean muscle, and muscle is what burn fat. Plus, muscle is what give you a toned, defined, lean body. As far as “cardio” is concerned, needs to be short and “sweet”. I share the concept of intervals as a way to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. This style is essential not only because it saves time, but because it preserves your lean muscle. Long bouts of boring cardio are simple counterproductive. Busy moms do not have time and cannot afford to lower their metabolism through the loss of lean muscle. 

  1. How many women had had success with your product "Fit Yummy Mummy" and what area did they feel it helped them most? Nutrition? Exercise? Energy?

To date, well over 300 clients. As far as what helped them the most, each and every time I ask, the take a moment to think and the same response is given, time and time again.

As Jane Alsip states, “When it comes to taking care of your body, everything is connected. You really have to have both Nutrition and Exercise. It’s just not as effective if you focus on one and not the other Plus it really is so much easier and require less effort when you do both!”

On the topic of energy, through the combination of a positive attitude, supportive nutrition and short burst exercise, you do get more energy. The more energy you have, the more you do and the more you want to do. This creates a momentum that is practically unstoppable. This is the very reason why so many Busy Moms achieve amazing results in such a short period of time.

  1. How were you able to put together effective workouts in only 90 minutes per week?

As I stated before, Busy Moms simply do not have the time to devote an hour or more each time they workout. So I used my experience as well as the research I gleaned from the top fitness professionals and created a workout system that is extremely effective and efficient. The key lies in the short burst resistance training exercises that work the entire body along with short rest periods. These workouts can easily fit into the busiest of schedules for the bare minimum needed is a mere 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Not only will Busy Moms feel a rush of energy, their body will begin to take on a new, lean shape before their eyes! 

  1. What are the key things that women will need to have, in order to achieve success with your program?

#1 key is the desire to want something better for yourself. If you are simply “sick and tired of being sick and tired” then it is time to DO something about it. The drive to create a change in your life really does come from taking the time to sit down and ask yourself a series of simple questions. Once you have clarified what you want and why you want it, the fun begins.

#2nd key is to establish a support system. It will be nearly impossible too achieve any type of success, let alone keep it, if the people around you are not on board with your decision. Along the same lines is accountability. By simply telling another person what you are up to can also help make a big difference in taking daily action.

#3rd key comes from having the right attitude, a mindset that is programmed for success. Too often women fall into the trap if negative self-talk and end up becoming their own obstacle. By practicing a set of “mind boosting” activities, Busy Moms are able to identify the attitudes that hold them back and learn how to turn them around. 

6. What main points do you stress in terms of nutrition and exercise?

I teach the concept of Supportive Nutrition – eating foods that support health, energy and fat loss. There is a misconception that eating in this manner means you have to give up all the foods you once loved. This is absolutely false. My system teaches balanced and moderation – not deprivation and denial. In fact, I have Busy Moms schedule their favorite “cheats” each and every week.

Exercise is the second part of the fat loss solution and must include both resistance training and intervals (cardio). There is simply no other way to boost your metabolism, achieve a lean, toned body and feel great in the process. The “short burst” aspect of my Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Plans makes working out convenient and delivers results in the fastest time possible.

“It’s happening and you don’t even realize it – it’s like a surprise!” ~ Carrie Warren

Of course consistency is the “magic” that makes it all possible. Take daily action. Each and every day take one step closer to achieve your goal. It does not matter how small the step is, the main point is that you are moving forward. Yes, even if you have a setback, if you stop and take the time to reflect and come up with a plan to “do better next time” – you are still moving forward.

    7.  What made you decide to put together such a wonderful product as "Fit Yummy Mummy"?

It stemmed from my own personal experience I have “been there, done that”. I understand the feelings associated with losing your pre-baby body, the feeling of settling for something less than good, and the ups and downs of weight loss. I then reached a turning point in my life and sought out ways to improve myself – not just my physical body, but the overall quality of my life. I had one of those moments where my life fit the description of “insanity”. I was tired of doing the same thing over and over again and becoming exhausted by the fact that I never got anything different.  

The process of self-improvement lead me to a career as a personal trainer. I begin teaching weight management classes and felt the cookie cutter approach of the programs used left me wanting to offer more for my clients. There was so much missing on the aspect of mindset, goals and motivation, the very keys to creating lasting results.

I basically recreated the entire weight management program, part based on lots of research, my own personal experience and part based on the results and feedback of my very own clients. My weight management classes attracted a LOT of women - mainly Moms. Little by little I was becoming recognized as the Mom's fat loss expert.

In creating the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System, I took my experience, my research and developed a plan that addresses a busy mom's lifestyle and created a systematic way to approach, identify and make manageable changes in order to achieve results....inside and out. More than just a generic workout program, more than just a nutrition program filled with ready made recipes...but a lifestyle system that takes all factor's of a busy mom's life into consideration, with matter of the fact solutions.

Check out Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Program HERE!

“I Love doing these workouts, the short burst cardio is a life saver! I have 4 boys so I don't have a lot of time, but I can always fit in your workout and I love doing it! Thanks for all your support! By the way I LOVE the workout DVD. If your thinking about making another one, that would be great and I would love to purchase it!”

~ Pam O'Donnell, Georgia

Carmel Wieland ~ ISSA

Certified Personal Trainer


Angie Schumacher~NFPT

Certified Personal Trainer

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