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Free Exercises

Ab Circuit - Beginner

Go through the circuit 3-5x, resting at the end of the circuit for one minute. These exercises reach all of the different parts of the abs, giving you an amazing overall ab workout in less than 15 minutes!

*Plank - Hold for 30 seconds (Toes or Kneeling)

*Mountain Climber - 10 per side

*Bird Dog - 6 each side - Hold for 5 count

*Ab Curl - 20 (Either on floor or stability ball)

Bodyweight Cardio Circuit - Advanced

Do this circuit 4-6x through. It can be substituted for cardio intervals or HIIT and is very effective for fat loss!

*Prisoner Squat - 15
*Push Up on Ball - 12
*Bulgarian Split Squat - 12 each leg
*Spiderman Push Up - (Modified) 10 each side
*Jump Squats - 15
*Stability Ball Jacknife - 10

Ab Circuit - Advanced

Go through this circuit 4-6x for an amazing ab workout!

*Knee Ups - 20 repetitions
*Medicine Ball Twist - 25 repetitions
*Crunches on Stability Ball - 20 repetitions
*Side Plank - 20 seconds
*Superman or Alligator - 15 each side

Bodyweight Circuits - Advanced

Bodyweight circuits are the perfect workouts that you can do in the privacy of your own home with little to no equipment and still have all the fat burning benefits of using weights.

Go through the circuit 6-8x, resting for one minute at end of each circuit. This gives you an overall workout with amazing fat loss ability. (Video Coming Soon)

*Prisoner Squat - 15 repetitions

*Jumping Jacks - 50 repetitions

*Push Ups - 10 repetitions

*Mountain Climber - 12 each side

*Close Grip Push Up - 10 repetitions


For more great exercises, check us out on YouTube.com!

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please feel free to CONTACT US!**


Carmel Wieland ~ ISSA

Certified Personal Trainer


Angie Schumacher~NFPT

Certified Personal Trainer

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