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Transformation Stories

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Lisa Anderson - Age 50

I actually grew out of the jeans I was wearing in my before photo, and ended up in sweat pants for a long time until I had to actually go to a 'function' and purchase a pair of jeans, because I had run out of clothes. I had to purchase a size 18, oh my gosh!! I am so grateful to my friend, Joanna, who in September of 2006 came by asking me to go for a walk. Her knee hurt, so the next day she took me to LA FITNESS and we joined a water aerobics class. Before I left that day, I joined. The best $34.99 a month I could have ever spent.

I have been there every darn day since, and I have found my passion. I really hope to inspire others and to tell them that IT CAN BE DONE!  You just have to ask yourself, "How bad do I want this?” I do want it and I want it badly enough to make a difference.  This is my gift to myself and I deserve it!

Look for small changes…baby steps. I gave myself one year and I never stepped on the scale except for at the doctor’s office for rare appointments. When I gave myself one year, it was a birthday present to myself.  I turned 50 years old on September 28, 2007 and I was horrified. I wanted to be "FIT AND 50".  I am trying every day to obtain that goal. I have many friends who ask me, ' Lisa, have you reached your goal"?  I tell them, “No, not yet, because this is a lifelong journey and it’s the experiences and the roads traveled, where we find our greatest rewards.”

Well, my birthday came and went and I survived.  I have never felt better! Another great reward…my family is proud of me.  Not only that... I am proud of ME.  I never realized the potential I had.  Every day, I try to find a new level. It’s amazing what each of us can accomplish if we just remember to... GO FOR IT... and DO IT.  I have tried to teach my children one thing. Don't live life on the outside looking in, jump in with both feet. Don’t be afraid to fail, there is much to be learned in failure. It’s not always about WINNING, but the road we take to just get there.  I love that Nike phrase, " JUST DO IT ".  Experience the magic! It is so exhilarating how your body responds to what you are doing.

I have even begun teaching body-sculpting classes at the gym.  I entered the gym in September 2006 at 212 lbs and on January 2008 my weight was 142 lbs.  It is a lifelong journey…an incredible journey and I am so proud and happy to be on it!  The rewards are indescribable!  A friend of mine Sarah has a great t-shirt that reads, “Nothing tastes as good as feeling lean!”

I am the "luckiest girl" I know... ~Lisa




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