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Recommended Exercise Videos

We decided another way we could help women get started with their workouts was to take a list of workout videos we have tried, give a little review of them and also suggest if they are for beginners or advanced. So here they are:

Beginners Exercise Videos:

1.  Slim in 6 --Slim in 6 will literally reshape your body in 6 weeks using the science of Slim Training. Slim Training combines cardio with light resistance moves to help you burn fat and sculpt a lean, sexy body—especially your abs, thighs, and buns. Thousands of people have lost up to 25 pounds in just 6 weeks with this breakthrough system.

2. Turbo Jam– Turbo Jam packs each workout with calorie-blasting kickboxing, body sculpting, and the hottest dance music—all guaranteed to give you jaw-dropping results, no matter what your fitness level. Plus, you'll get killer abs without ever doing a single sit-up. It's fast. It's fun. It works.  A recent university study showed that you can burn over 700 calories in just one 45-minute Turbo Jam workout. That's nearly twice as effective as walking, jogging, yoga/Pilates, and even circuit training! Plus, the "Elite 11" signature moves are proven to burn fat and give you a sleek, sexy body and ripped, rock-hard abs.

3.  Total Body Pilates -
Karen Voight – A complete and practical way to get two pilates mat work routines. Can be done anywhere, anytime, without weights. Gain strength without building bulk.

4.  Core Conditioning Pilates
Now everyone can experience the type of workout that Hollywood's fittest celebrities rave about. This easy-to-follow workout demonstrates how to use your mind, body, and breath together in specialized exercises to achieve a long lean body line. It will strengthen and tone muscles, flatten abs...even improve posture. Best of all, it is a no-impact workout that's good for anyone, regardless of fitness level.

5.  The Method Pilates
The Method brings you the secret to the worlds most beautiful bodies! This DVD combines the best-selling Precision Toning and Precision Sculpting videos featuring instructor Jennifer Kries. She gives clear and precise instructions on how you can tone, firm and flatten your abs without strenuous sit-ups or crunches! Define your buns without lunges, squats or machines and sculpt your legs without high impact aerobics. In the Precision Sculpting segment, you can tone and trim your arms without heavy weights or boring repetitions, sculpt your chest and shoulders without pushups or chest press machines then trim and define your lower body. Precision Toning is over an hour and a half of deep muscle techniques and mat based exercises for an all over total body toning & sculpting regime that you can see results on very quickly.     

Advanced Exercise Videos:

1. Power 90 (could be used for beginners also) – This in-home boot camp for dramatic body transformation was designed by Tony Horton using his Sectional Progression™ technique for fast results. Sectional Progression training alternates "push" and "pull" resistance moves to tone your muscles and burn stored fat at the same time, so you get an effective workout in as little as 30 minutes! Follow one quick workout a day and the easy diet guidelines to lose pounds of fat and sculpt lean, toned muscle. And with Tony's brand-new Fat Burning Express plan, you can lose up to 10 lbs and 10 inches in your first 6 days!

2. Taebo Bootcamp –  Transform your body, burn mega calories, and firm & sculpt you
r muscles with this 30 minute power drills workout!

3. Taebo Fat Blaster – Introducing Billy’s ALL NEW Total Bod Fat Blaster workouts. Banish flab from every part of your body by taking—and keeping—it off once and for all with these rapid-fire moves, high-energy music and Billy’s uniquely effective motivation.

4. Taebo Fat Burning Cardio – This is the cardio workout you’ve been waiting for! From warm-up to cool-down, every motion is aimed at results as Billy leads you through kicks, punches, lunges and aerobic moves you’ve never seen! While maximizing calorie burn, this workout also targets every muscle of the body – at least two muscle groups in every move!

5. Crunch Fitness Bootcamp – We want you to get up off the couch today and join us for an efficient, maximum calorie burner workout that will also tone your whole body. In Boot Camp Training, Crunch-style, we don’t waste any time. From start to finish, we keep you motivated – and we do it without yelling at you! Each workout segment is jampacked with solid conditioning exercises that will define, tone and strengthen your muscles and your heart. Boot Camp Training is a fun and challenging workout to keep you out of the boredom trench. Dumbbells from 3 to 10 pounds are recommended for maximum results.

6. Trainers Edge – Killer Butt – A challenging, straight-forward and totally lower-body-focused workout. You're sure to reshape your hips and buttocks with this non-stop series of easy-to-follow - but very intense - exercises. No fancy Pilates moves here, this program features proven classics like hamstring curls and reverse bridges, kickbacks and gluteal lifts, lunges and squats. It's tough, but also surprisingly varied (e.g. it's not just plain "squats" - you also get "squat kicks," "pulse squats" and "squats holding weights"). Requires 3 to 10 lb. dumbbells or a body bar. ©2004.

Carmel Wieland ~ ISSA

Certified Personal Trainer


Angie Schumacher~NFPT

Certified Personal Trainer


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